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Hunting  and  Photography just got much easier and  lot more exciting!

EZ Mount Mono pods are a new and unique type of Support Systems accessories which are very versatile when used during hunting or photography, supplied as a Shoulder Harness (SH), adjustable Tactical Vest (TV), Hunters Jackets (HJ), Ruck Sack (RS) or Camera Ruck Sack (CRS), which attach to an adjustable mono pod to make up the EZ Mount Mono pod as shown in the photo gallery.

There are two versions of EZ Mount Mono Pods Support Systems

1 – The Hunting/Shooting version:   

These versatile  Shooting Support Systems are primarily designed to replace any existing mono pod/bi pod or shooting stick, these unique Shooting Support Systems can support the weight of any rifle during field target shooting or hunting and securely hold the rifle steady in shooting position and can improve accuracy and increase your range. It is perfect for all types of hunting and suitable for shooters and hunters who may have injured their back, shoulder or arm and may need help to hold and support a heavy rifle. It is perfect for field target shooters, hunters, farmers, gamekeepers, pest controllers, etc.

Please see each product for more details.

2 – The Photography/Camera version

These unique Camera Support Systems attach to any type of camera and are designed to replace any existing mono pod or tripod, They are designed to support the weight of the camera and all accessories and securely hold it steady while taking photos indoors or outdoors. It is perfect for wild life and fast sport photography, reporters, journalists, and even people going on safari, who have to carry their cameras with heavy telephoto zoom lenses, tripods and other accessories. These Photography mono pods are available with or without a 2 way head. The two way head cannot be detached from the mono pod.

Please see each product for more details.